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We coach professionals to be successful in the job search and in the workplace. With two decades of experience working with job seekers and recruiters from top U.S. employers, we bring our expertise to streamline this process for my clients. We also advise private practitioners and career services offices on technology and virtual solutions for client and employer outreach. Please see the Career Services Consulting page to learn more.

What does this look like? I focus on what my clients wish to achieve or improve. I ask specific and direct questions to help my clients prioritize and if needed, refine their goals. I provide my clients with specific, concrete feedback and resources. We develop a customized  strategy to allow the client to progress towards those goals.


With close to two decades of experience as a career counselor and coach across industries, I currently focus on these specialties with my clients:


Provide individual career coaching and intensive group coaching to help create a customized career plan. This strategy integrates both career goals and personal values to create both short and long-term career goals.

  • Should I change jobs?
  • I am ready for the next step in my career, but I’m not sure what it should be or how do I do it
  • I don’t feel challenged at my job, but I don’t know what to do
  • I feel I am floundering in my current job
  • I’ve been told I need to do a better job of “managing up,” how can I do that?
  • I want to try a new field, but I don’t know how to make that transition.

International Students

With 15+ years of experience helping international students navigate the U.S. job market, we provide customized in-depth services. Developing alternate career plans is an essential part of my career consulting process for international students.My work with international students focuses on navigating the U.S. job market and working in the U.S.

  • Career Management
  • Working in the U.S.
  • U.S. Workplace Expectations
  • Workplace cultural differences
  • Interview coaching
  • Building a professional network in the U.S.

Engineering and Technology Professionals

We help clients explore the next step in their career. Together we identify options and next steps that fit their professional goals and values. We have experience working with women and other professionals from underrepresented groups in the tech sector.

  • Finding a new job
  • Transitioning into a new job or field
  • Finding a more challenging role in your current organization.
  • Developing a customized plan to achieve your goals

Encore Careers

We work with professionals that are looking to make a change. We have experience working professionals in their 50s, 60s and beyond, as they explore the next step in their career. This may include transitioning into a new job, a new field, or starting your own business. We work with clients to identify options and next steps that fit your professional goals and values. We will develop a customized plan to achieve your goals.

  • Marketing your expertise
  • Using LinkedIn in your job search
  • Transitioning into a new field


My career coaching is designed to expedite the process so clients get better results faster. No career counselor, career coach, or consultant can or should guarantee you a job. Using a career counselor or coach should help you be more strategic and productive in your search, so it will take less time to find a new position or improve your current one.

My practice is located in Baltimore, Maryland, but I meet with clients virtually by phone and/or video. If you are interested in my services, we can schedule a free 20 minute call to discuss the process and your needs. Simply fill use the Book Now button to schedule a call. From that call, we will determine how to proceed.



We work with young and experienced professionals develop strategies to change jobs, launch new careers, and advance in their current organizations.


I work with professionals to identify common professional pitfalls and how to remedy them. I help individuals identify if they are in a toxic work environment and how to move on to a new job, a career, or start their own businesses. I have specific expertise in working with small businesses in the restaurant/hospitality industry.


I coach professionals to enhance their interactions with their supervisors and leaders in their organization. I focus on how to make changes that will allow you to communicate and manage up effectively.


When you feel stuck in a job, it impacts both your career and your life. We help you integrate your career goals and personal values to find the right career path for you.


I help job seekers develop their story and use it to create a professional brand. This includes demonstrating and articulating your professional expertise in your resume and LinkedIn profile, as well when networking and interviewing.

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